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upgrades: BiblePay Evolution

BiblePay Evolution

  • Fork Dash-Evolution to Biblepay-Evolution

  • Rename BiblePay literals

  • Change data directory to evolution while in test mode

  • Update unix linefeeds

  • Add images
  • DTOX files

  • Modify build parameters

  • Add Gen II theme (Bezaleel)

  • Add BiblePay settings

  • Add ability for wallet to match the legacy BibleHash
  • Ensure wallet chained block prayers match BiblePay Classic
  • Modify getblock to get by hash or by height, and show chained prayers, in wallet prayers and messages
  • Add a lite version of our existing messaging system (vout.sTxOutMessage) into rpcpog.cpp (this keeps it separate from Dashs implementation) and start considering the migration to Dash non financial transactions
  • Add capability to Send a prayer from the SendMoney UI, or Donate to foundation
  • Port BiblePay-DGW-Classic in for legacy compatibility of difficulty-bits
  • Ensure LoadBlockIndexGuts loads BiblePay messages
  • Ensure Legacy sporks work
  • Add RPC exec command (and various debug utilities for Rob)
  • Phase 1 of legacy AddBlockChainMessage
  • Add prayer or message data to QT UI TransactionList page double click on Transaction debug window dialog
  • Add Bezaleel theme to splash, and ensure ui interface message updates as wallet loads
  • Add chain constants to ChainParams (and ensure Sancs are 1,550,001)
  • Ensure biblehash classic matches legacy blocks
  • Port biblepay C hashing function (biblepay.c) to Evo
  • Refactor KJV legacy functions and add BibleHashV2 optimized hash algo for the future non-fork version of Evo (after Evo cutover height)
  • Clean up both GetBlockSubsidy and GetPaymentsLimit to have a simple standardized payment breakdown for both governance, pow, and sancs

  • Add pool mining support - Add mining (POBH)
  • Add overview page narrative (Difficulty + Prayers)
  • Add ability to tithe or donate to foundation or send a prayer - Add txlist double click Prayers info to end of dialog
  • Add useful exec RPC commands - Genesis

  • Add GSC (Generic Superblock Contract) payment icons, IsSuperblock icons, and IsCPK (Is Christian Keypair) Assoc icons
  • Add ability to mine
  • Add BiblePay's Bible Reader, and Commandment viewer
  • Add transaction list descriptions for BiblePay's GSC features

  • Unordered List ItemMerge in proposal add and proposal Edit pages

  • Add one click mining feature
  • Add Proposal Add feature
  • Add navigate to Accountability Page feature
  • Add NSIS installer graphics, Windows installer and windows configuration, installer wizard icons

  • Add Proposal List/Add UI changes
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